It's a personal Brazilian Music Week.

This month has been full of joyful. It started with Japanese "Troubadour Rocker" Tsuji, followed by abstract music concerts in Hamburg and Berlin. A French alternative folk-rock recording soon after my return. And finally Brazilian music.

Brazilian music now.

I met Toninho, the leader of this Brazilian music project, last summer when we played together in a private session.

He said the form of my home-made electro-acoustic upright bass that I was using at that time make him remind their traditional instrument "RABECA" ( In this picture, It is played like a violin, but in reality, some people position it like a cello or a double bass).

Using my instrument as a bigger and lower range version of the RABECA....I heard this is the Idea for calling me for this project.

Toninho is a musician who has been working in Paris for a long time. He was the accompanist for a singer "Moustaki" who was the first music director(?) of a French label called "Harmoniamundi" and was very famous, I heard.

He knows all brazilian musician in Paris for three or four generations. He knows almost all the specialists in the field.

Why me?
And then here is a question, why did he choose me who is not a specialist?
I know that he would like to find in something new playing with someone outside.

I understand simply this is similar case when I was playing Balkan music with Ex Yugoslavian...
The leader of this project once said to me, "When Yugoslavs get together with people from the same hometown, they start to have a tendency being stuck in their traditions. I want to make new Balkan music. So I need people like you, who come from a completely different place to have a new sensibility ." It was like that.

Whenever I'm invited to a project, it's like this.
So I think they expect me that I propose some idea.
In fact, Toninho also said something like "It's good that your not Brazilian...".

What I am doing in this project is not only to play the so-called bass line but also playing "RABECA"'s role. Sometimes as a solo instrument and it can also be used to make rhythms with the bow and so on... role for richness of ensemble variation. So in the flyer of the second concert my instrumental part be noted as Rabeca/cello/basse. But the instrument will be the same as usual.

About his music
The concert will feature songs from the album below.
Personally, I find the musical structure and sense of harmony is interesting.

Almost all of the pieces have in common a structure in which. Means a motif is developed while the harmony changes in response to it. The "function" of the harmony is kept repeating all through the piece. But there are many variations in the sound those were chosen.

I have scored all the pieces for this concert, and I think I have a better understanding of the"Brazilian music way".

Now I announce the concerts, the first one.
The first performance in this weekend at a gallery in the 1st arrondissement of Paris. Please note this concert is in a small gallery, so there is no seating and everyone would be standing. If you like a small party atmosphere, this is the place for you.

Then the second one.

The project was originally organized for this festival. It is at a small theater in the 12th arrondissement. There is seating, so if you want to listen to the music in a relax environment. This is the place to go. Reservations are recommended.

The album "Manipulated Dreams" is now on sale.
When I was starting the creation for the music for the film " Dream manipulator MUGEN".
The director said to me "Please destroy to discover !"That's what my role is after all.I am grateful to all colleague who have the open-minded.I feel strongly that the music in this album was helped by the director's open-mind.

MP3 album is available on Bandcamp

It is also available on various streaming services.

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